Hey, old friends
Wow...has it really been over a year since I posted?

Just so you know, I haven't been sitting on my ass eating fudge, watching endless tv, and drinking delicious Boulder microbrews (well, I have been this weekend - but it Memorial Day weekend!).

Some of the things I've been up to this past year:

* I now live in Boulder, Colorado. A great place to write on the projects I am working on. Plus, Boulder is quite the hip place to be. Very inspiring with all the artists here.

* Lots of teaching piano, voice, songwriting to kids and adults of all ages. I found out that I am a good, intuitive teacher. I enjoy my interaction with my students, knowing my job is to inspire them.

* Going back on tour with the national tour of In the Mood for a short, yet wonderful stint. It was great traveling the USA and performing the music of the 1940s!

* May 2012 saw the premiere of my musical Waiting... here in Boulder, Co. A big accomplishment, not only for me, but our entire production staff and cast.
Also, I can say I am a playwright now! We are now gearing up to record the CD demo this summer and also looking at submitting it to major Fringe festivals and regional theatres.

* Continuing my writing of The Souls of Her Feet (music) and What Would Esther Williams Do in a Situation Like This? (lyrics and music).

* Because of my experience producing/writing
Waiting..., I was asked to become the producer on a new independent film The African Boy.

So, there are lots of projects happening. The creative juices are flowing. More on all the above and opinions coming soon, now that I am back blogging.
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